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Title: Calla

Pairing: Gamagoori x Satsuki

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 2,534

Notes: Your name is Ira Gamagoori and you’re looking for a prom date. A private school au commission for Anluz. (To be illustrated in the future)


Your name is Ira Gamagoori and you are a fool.

You are, and were, and always will be a fool to think that Satsuki, beautiful Satsuki, would ever be interested in you. She may be class president and you may be the best prefect in the Academy’s history, but that meant nothing. No. Instead of finding it in you to ask Satsuki to prom, you dawdled about and avoided the subject. Heck, you avoided her. Just like you had avoided your feelings.

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I think this is rather interesting. It looks like the heads behind klk admit that the full plot wasn’t planned and they kept changing, dropping or inventing things while the show was airing. Source for this post is 4chan.

I love KlK but the first half gave me a whole different feeling than the second half so I always expected something like this. This is just my own opinion but all of my favorite episodes are from the first half as well.

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