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Some information from the “Kill la Kill Complre Script Book Event” wth Nazuki Nakashima:

-The story of Kill la Kill wasn’t only inspired by Otokogumi, there was also a relatively obscure sci-fi novel from the 70’s called The Garments of Caean.

-Origin of gokuseifuku (極制服, ultima uniform) is 極道 (gokudou, wicked) and 学生服 (gakuseifuku, school uniform).

-The names in the story are very important; “just from the name you should be able to undertand the role of the character”.

-Senketsu’s parting words were determined from the earliest drafts of the story.

-Gamagori and Mako have mutual respect and appreciation for each other but it wasn’t written as romance. All romance is up to the fans.

-He likes writing insolent characters that constantly banter with each other.

-Aikurou is late 20’s, Tsumugu is 25, Kinue was older than Aikurou. For those that didn’t know, Kinue as Aikurou’s fiance.

-Aikurou was really stuck-up before meeting Kinue, but she made him become more light-hearted. Maybe a bit too much.

-Aikurou hated when he had to give Satsuki and the Devas class because they were too serious and didn’t play along.

-Ragyou is 45, Barazo is 50.

-Ragyou called Nui “Harime Nui” to show that she was more than human.

-Originally, Nui’s line before cutting her head was “Yes, Lady Ragyou!”; Yukari Tamura came up with “Oui, maman!” and Nakashima loved it.

-Ragyou didn’t educate Nui like her daughter, but Nui thought of Ragyou as her mother. Nui tried to not show these feelings to Ragyou but Nui’s final line is meant to show off her hidden feelings.

-The correct reaction to “HUMANS ARE HUMANS, CLOTHING IS CLOTHING” is “well, of course”.

-Don’t listen to what the mean characters say; Mako is not dumb, she just has her own way of seeing the world.

-Highest grades in Honnouji are Satsuki first and Inumuta second.

-When Iori first befriended Satsuki, he was playing with a string doll that he put together himself.

-Ryuko probably can’t do jobs that force her to deal with customers, but she is good with kids.

-Nonon didn’t know how to play any instrument before meeting Satsuki at age 5; she was just being trained to be a “conductor”. Satsuki inspired her to learn.

-Senketsu’s tag was blank at first; Senketsu was so happy when Ryuko gave him a name he wrote “SENKETSU” on it himself.

-Kill la Kill’s characters don’t bother with trivial things; even if they talk shit about each other there are no broken hearts.

-Iori’s first person is “Iorin~”.

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